Commercial Real Estate

High-resolution aerial and ground level imaging offers a unique and valuable perspective by showing a property in the context of it’s surroundings, setting it apart from the rest.

Commercial Properties

When it comes to buying or selling commercial real estate, high-resolution aerial and ground level photography or video offers a unique and valuable perspective by showing a property in context of its surroundings. Important factors actors such as street access, entryways, parking lots, surrounding businesses and even roof condition become crystal clear. Interactive orthomosaic maps allow a potential buyer to measure distances, square footage and volume easily and 3D models are the closest thing to being there. The smooth and professional operation of a drone and camera, combined with an artist’s eye for lighting and composition, insures that your property will stand out against all others.  Our services cover the gamut of commercial real estate properties including developed, undeveloped, industrial, retail, hotel, multi-family  and malls.

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