Aerial Mapping (Photogrammetry) and Data Services

Guide your decision making and development process with the help of 3D, interactive, aerial modeling

With GPS data and hi-resolution images from our drones, a variety of maps, surveys, or3D models can be created from a single flight. Maps of land, construction sites or structures can be used for planning, design and decision-making across many industries and are typically used for measurement of distance, area and volume. Products include 3D surface and terrain measurements, 2D orthomosaic maps with color-referenced elevations, contours or point clouds. For land management and agriculture, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index(NDVI) images can be captured which use both the visual and near-infrared spectrum to show plant health as measured by the amount of chlorophyll present. Other agricultural, land management and environmental products are also available. Processed imagery or data from the drone can be delivered via the web, print or as files typically used by many in-house GIS departments.

Our Customers
  • City Planners (GIS mapping, presentations)
  • Architects (site design,basemaps, progress, etc.)
  • Construction Companies (site planning, excavation, cut/fill, progress, etc)
  • Energy Utilities (planning, progress, as-built)
  • Land Owners (vegetation health, wildlife and livestock management, land measurement)

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